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You need modern

eCommerce approach


integrated solutions
for your project
Web & Business
… two reasons to choose KROFT!

How to attract customers
to your online store?

High level of service is no longer attractive magnet for modern sophisticated customer.

Our e-commerce marketing automation solution allows not only to sell the right product to the right customer but always to know the measure of his loyalty. To maintain contact with a customer is the way to win his loyalty.

Your online store needs modern
eCommerce approach!

We implements complex composite projects including our own developments and well-known packages.

We have huge experience and proven solutions for different areas of online trade.

Your online store can be connected with any accounting software you prefer. We can provide logistic integration of the whole system:

production warehouse customer

We suggest full complex of Internet advertising and marketing for E-commerce projects resulting in a well-planned combination of different types and tools of Internet advertising for the effective development of business on web.

Our business analytics not only offers comprehensive statistics of your business performance but also discovers solutions for each case, from the promotion of individual types and categories of goods ending in deep understanding of the needs of your business as a whole.

Steps to success of your webstore

Bringing your online store in compliance with the goals and objectives of the business and making appropriate improvements to the design and functionality of the site. Updating the site with the use of modern technologies, switch to another platform if necessary.


Integrated Internet marketing with the use of modern popular advertising sites (PPC advertising, search engine promotion)


Installation and setup of the analytics system for the online trading, evaluation of the effectiveness of integrated marketing communications.

One, two, three… success!
Complete these steps together with KROFT!

Integrate with
ANY payment,
torage and postal systems

Maintain websites
on any CMS

Suggest and carry out
an effective
optimization steps

Provide technical
support with
SLA in 15 minutes

Work with online stores
focused on pre-order and subscription system

Individual development
of Internet projects

IT outsourcing
most effective

Creation and
full support of
website or online store

for your site

Information integration
between online store
and warehouse,
warehouse and production

Linux, Windows

High availability

cluster systems

Our own
monitoring system


Owox BI,
Google Data Studio

for importing
and presenting data


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